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Bon Voyage!

And we're off!! Spent a wonderful night in our hometown last night (South Haven, Mi). My family had said goodbye to us a couple of nights prior because they were going to support my dad at his national championship race in Kentucky. We had dinner and drinks with friends and finally got to take Trouvaille to her home port again!! We crossed Lake Michigan en route to Chicago (about 70 nautical miles) where we will be for the next week to take the mast down and get the boat ready for the rivers! Absolutely gorgeous day out today!! Au revoir South Haven!! You'll always have a place in our hearts!

The water was sooooo blue in the middle of the lake!! Bluest we've seen yet in Trouvaille!! But we plan to see bluer! We stopped in the middle of the lake for a swim (and a shower) at about 300 ft deep!! Very comforting knowing nothing was going to eat us out there! Will be a different story once we get to saltwater!

We had a beautiful day out on Big Blue (Lake Michigan)!!! Made it to our marina in Chicago on the Calumet and we are officially in the river system!!! Woot woot!! Thank you God for a perfect first passage!!

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