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Just a Day in the Life

Yesterday we started out the day by watching church on the boat. Our pastor has such good sermons and we are so blessed to be able to listen to them while we travel!! (Duane Vanderklok from Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, Mi).

After church, there were thunderstorms, which kind of ruined our plans of hiking, so we decided to get some chores done instead. We asked the marina office if there were laundry facilities on site and they said no. We then asked if they had a courtesy car available to rent and they said also no. But the owner of the marina surprised us and offered to let us borrow her personal vehicle to run some errands for a few hours while she was working because she knew we were here on our boat without a car and this marina is kind of in the middle of nowhere. We thought this was so incredibly nice of her and decided to take her up on the offer.

We drove into Ottawa, Illinois and did some laundry and then went to Blain's Farm & Fleet (which is a really cool store by the way and way better than Tractor Supply, minus being able to see baby chicks ). We practically bought them out of fans since our AC isn't running. Before we knew we would have a vehicle to use, I had placed a grocery order for delivery to the marina from Walmart. The nearest Walmart was a 20-minute drive away and they still delivered to us same day free of charge. Well worth the $8 a month to be a Walmart Plus member if you ask me!! Some of the produce that we ordered was a little questionable and they were out of some of the main items we needed, but nonetheless we were pretty stoked to have stuff delivered to us in the boonies!! Dustin also had some boat parts delivered to this marina that he had ordered on Amazon while we were at the last stop and they were here waiting for us when we arrived.

This way of life takes a little more planning and logistics, but we felt so accomplished and it was really nice to experience genuine generosity from a stranger. We ended the evening with a drink at the marina restaurant overlooking the river and the Starved Rock State Park.

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