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Just Goes to Show You How Little You Actually Need"

Dustin needed a hair cut so he found a place online, made an appointment, and then we took the dinghy about 5 miles up the river to the free City Dock and walked into town. Upon arrival, Dustin realized that he had left his shoes back at our boat! Having only about 10 minutes to spare before his appointment, he frantically walked (barefoot) into the downtown area to see if we could find a store that sold men's shoes. Meanwhile, I am behind him cracking up the whole way!

Dustin walked in the doorway of the barbershop and explained what happened and instead of allowing him to come in barefoot, they rescheduled him for an hour later so that he could go find some shoes. We proceeded to walk around the downtown city blocks trying to find a place where he could find some cheap shoes. I had brought my purse, Bella, her leash and a jacket in case I got cold and Dustin thought I had brought too much along. "Just goes to show you how little you actually need", were the proud words that came out of his mouth as he turned the corner and literally kicked a giant rock in the sidewalk with his bare feet. I probably shouldn't have laughed, or at least not as hard as I did, but I did. I had a hysterical laughing meltdown from the irony of the situation. He had been making fun of me and then, bam, karma!

We had Bella with us so he waited outside while I went and looked in several stores with no luck. We finally found a place called Bells Clothing that sold men's shoes but most of them were very formal and he was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. They had one pair of casual shoes in his size and the owner of the store thought it was so funny what had happened that she let him come in barefoot and try on the shoes. Out of desperation, he decided to purchase them only to find out they were $130!!!! That ended up being an expensive hair cut!!! Life without a car has definitely been entertaining the past couple of days!

We stopped at a riverside restaurant for dinner on the way back and then checked out the rock formations along the way and we even got to see a Bald Eagle!

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