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Last Day With a Vehicle

Today is our Last. Day. With. A. Car. We are gaining freedom and losing it all at once...exchanging it for a different kind of independence. I'm so excited to be at this point, but it's a little crazy to think that after tonight, I won't be able to just hop in the car and go where I need to go. I sold my car a month and a half ago so I have gradually been getting used to running errands by literally running or walking And now scootering, thanks to my sister who hooked us up! But when Dustin would get home from work, I knew I still had a car to use. Now neither of us will have one. It's a weird feeling but I'm looking forward to being able to literally stop and smell the roses if I want. Guess there's no turning back now!!

Last night, Dustin got the solar panels mounted while I did a little provisioning. I have no idea how far the closest grocery stores are along our route and without a car it sounds like a hassle getting groceries, plus I've never done this before, so I probably overdid it a little but most of it is non perishable so we should be set for awhile until we get in the swing of things!

It's our last night in Saugatuck tonight!! Tomorrow we are sailing to South Haven, our hometown. A key component of this dream that we have has been to leave from our hometown. By the grace of God, we managed to find an ocean going catamaran in our hometown, buy it before it even hit the market, found a slip for it only 20 minutes away, and on top of everything, we managed to snag a slip at the municipal marina in South Haven on a Friday night right in the prime of summer, which for those who are familiar with South Haven (a very busy tourist port town) know this is hard to do on short notice!! All of this means we will be able to do what we've been dreaming of this whole time. God is so good and it is only through Him that we have been able to make this dream a reality.

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