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Out With The Old

Dustin and I went out to see a Leopard 43' Power Catamaran that had anchored out in Kalamazoo Lake. We drove over and admired the boat from afar and met the owners as they were heading out to dinner on their own dinghy and then kept moving. About a half hour after returning, we were standing on our boat talking to some ppl we had just met on the docks, and turned around just in time to see the catamaran dragging anchor and then smash into a 70' yacht!!! It then pivoted around and started going in between two finger docks full of more expensive boats. Dustin and our new friend got in the dinghy and raced over to try and assist. He managed to hold it off several other boats while the police tried to get it under control. In the process, our dinghy got squished between the catamaran and another boat's outboard and basically exploded the tubes! Thankfully Dustin and the other guy weren't hurt. We were supposed to leave in two weeks and this was basically our car and it was ruined.

Thankfully, a nice aluminum bottom AB dinghy came in on trade at Wolf's Marine shortly after and we were able to get insurance to cover the damages so now we have an almost brand new dinghy!! God works in mysterious ways and we appreciate you all praying for us and even donating to help us. We appreciate you so much!! We took the new dinghy out for a ride on the Kalamazoo River this morning to test it out and it planes out so much faster than our last one!

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