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Slaves to Our Dream

Day 3 at the shipyard in Chicago. We are forced to sit in solitary confinement during the days and work like slaves in exchange for food. If we are diligent, they let us out for lunch into genpop in the yard. The yard is a black top and we just stand and sweat. At night the warden puts me to work some more, but this time it is physical labor. Then at dusk, we are locked back in behind the gates with barbed wire.

This shipyard feels a little like is in the industrial corridor of Chicago's South side and there is about a two square foot area of sparse grass on the entire property and the rest is just a parking lot full of boats... And the entire property is surrounded by 7 ft fences with barbed wire on top and we are literally locked in at night. And there are no showers. Lol. But we are getting some much needed boat projects done and this place has been super on top of things!! So far, we recommend them to Loopers for getting projects done before the journey. Walked over during the hottest part of the day and took a stroll through the nautical donations center at our shipyard and found two more large round fenders for only $30! Man, was it hot in there!!! But got what we were looking for!

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