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Unstepping the Mast

We spent yesterday re-caulking the shower, un-wiring the mast, taking the sails off (and killing about a bazillion spiders that crawled out of them). After a long, hot day of work, we all went for a dinghy ride on the Calumet. It's very industrial and ugly around here, but we found a $150 fender washed up on the river banks that is exactly the size we needed more of. Another "lucky find"!

Today, it was our first day sharing the boat together as our offices. It went surprisingly well. Considering the rigging crew from our shipyard came and set up a crane and un-stepped our mast and took down the rigging. Not distracting at all when you're trying to make work calls directly beneath it inside. Our boat looks extremely strange without the mast but it is so much easier to walk around on the deck now! They are shipping the mast ahead of us to Alabama so we can clear all of the many bridges along the rivers. So now we have a nice little trawler for the next few months!

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