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Dustin is super easy to be around and has a great sense of humor!  He fills the room with laughter wherever he goes and can strike up a conversation with anyone.  No person is a stranger to him and he loves to entertain.  He is naturally good at pretty much everything he tries and can dock a boat or park a trailer like a pro! Dustin has a keen eye for detail and has an incredible ability to envision and redesign spaces.   Professionally, he has an electrical background and has worked as a Residential and Industrial Electrician since he was 15 years old. Most recently, he has worked as an Electrical Engineer.  Aside from electrical, he can fix or build just about anything and is always working on some sort of project.  His work is always done with precision and quality. Dustin grew up on the water, learning to sail at a young age on Lake Michigan with his mom, who is a captain. He has owned several powerboats and 2 sailboats of his own and is working on getting his own Captain's license.  His love of water is second to none and that is where he is his happiest.



Becky has a passion for life and experiencing it to the fullest everyday!  She comes from a very close knit family and her loved ones always come first.  She has a restless, gypsy soul that craves new and unique experiences and she is most relaxed when on the go.  She is never afraid to try something new! She has an extraordinary knack for trip planning and organizing and spends most of her time scheming up the next big adventure!  She loves to take pictures and share travel experiences to help others find fun things to do, which is how this blog was born.  Becky enjoys anything outdoors and loves painting on canvas and spreading God's love through donations and by going on mission trips.  Becky's day job is working remotely as a Technical Recruiter for nuclear and utility sites and the DOD.



Bella is our adorable little Teacup Chihuahua, weighing in at 4 lbs.  Becky brought her home from a flea market in South Carolina in 2010 when she was only 8 weeks old.  This was 6 months before Becky met Dustin.  Bella is not the typical little ankle biter but has the sweetest demeanor and a spunky little personality and is always full of kisses.  She loves people, the sun, going for walks and bike rides in Becky's basket, and pretty much goes everywhere we do!  She has visited 18 states so far and is the light of our lives!  She had all but 4 teeth removed and that is why her tongue hangs out now.  But we think it makes her pretty darn cute! 

- About Us -


HEY FRIENDS! We are Becky and Dustin, an adventurous couple from Michigan with a passion for LIVING life and getting all we can out of it in the time we are given on this earth! Dustin grew up with water in his veins, and a true love for boating and I have an insatiable desire to explore the world and a lifelong love for traveling and learning about other cultures. And since boating is a means of traveling, our passions complement each other well! We truly enjoy life and each other and have chosen to leave Corporate America behind in order to pursue a simpler life that allows us to see the world.  And hopefully, we’ll help make it a better place along the way by sharing God’s love and pitching in where we can. This blog is all about our travels together and what we learn along the way - international trips, trips in the U.S., boating trips, camping trips, weekend getaways, fun things to see and do in our home state, dreams we have, etc. We are sharing our story with you as we create it! Our aim is to show people what a big beautiful world there is out there, and how to enjoy it in the best way possible! Thanks for taking the time to stop by our blog! And be sure to check out our Etsy page for cool Travel, Boating, and Camping Accessories!  Every purchase helps us keep going with our dreams!

- our story -

We grew up in the same small town in southwest Michigan and have known each other since we were 15 years old. Our moms were good friends and that is how we originally met. They tried getting us together in high school and although we hung out at a lot of the same places, went to the same church, and even had some of the same friends, it was never the right time for us. However, life has a way of working itself out so that when the time is right, paths cross and everything falls into place perfectly.

In 2010, Dustin and I got back in touch with each other via Facebook. We exchanged messages for a week or two and then our first date was the day after Christmas in 2010. He ended up taking me ice skating and out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and the rest is what would become our love story! After 3 years together, he proposed in the middle of that same ice rink in our hometown, and of course I said yes! We got married in our own backyard with a beautiful rustic luxe barn theme.  You can read about our adventures since then on our blog!

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