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Things Just Got Real!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

So we weren't planning on selling our vehicles until right before we left, but someone spontaneously offered to buy mine for a good price. Since I already work from home, I took one for the team a month and a half early and said yes! Which means, I quickly became without a car.... This cruising lifestyle just got real! But rather than looking at this as an inconvenience, I am choosing to see it as an adventure! So yesterday Bella and I walked up to the post office in town to mail a check. Something that normally would've taken two minutes took twenty; but it was nice going on a lunch time walk! Funny how we take for granted the simple conveniences we have until they are gone. Simple tasks will require a little more planning, but I will also be able to literally stop to smell the roses along the way! At least we live in a super cool boat so hopefully people will come visit me :)

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